Chris Moniz - Airbrush and Tattoo Artist

My name is Chris Moniz and I’m a passionate artist based in Calgary, Alberta. My loves are tattoos and airbrush. I’m here to make your vision a reality!

Chris Moniz

Tattoo Artist / Airbrush Artist

As a tattoo artist, my journey has been nothing short of remarkable. What truly distinguishes tattooing from other art forms is the human connection it fosters with people. Each tattoo becomes a part of someone’s life story.

But my canvas doesn’t stop at tattoos alone. It has expanded to embrace airbrushing as well. These two art forms, seemingly distinct, intertwine and expand my creative process.

Let’s create together!

About me: A Life of Artistry

From my earliest memories, I’ve been immersed in the world of art. As a kid, I’d sketch for my classmates, secretly hoping it would boost their grades—until I got caught, of course!

Fast-forward to 1994: I stepped into the realm of tattooing through an apprenticeship. Back then, tattoos weren’t as mainstream, and we artists took on whatever walked through the door. Today, that spirit remains. I thrive on versatility, working across various tattoo styles to co-create with my clients.

Calgary, Alberta, became my home in 2012. A couple of years down the road, I proudly accepted an award for my cover-up tattoo work. While some may not consider cover-ups a specialty, it’s a skill I’ve honed over countless years.

Currently, you’ll find me at Jakku Tattoo, nestled in Calgary’s south end. My business partner and I founded the tattoo shop in 2017.

In 2018, airbrushing became my side hustle. My first airbrush class ignited a passion, leading to an apprenticeship with JBo Airbrush in April 2023. Now, my weekdays are a blend of tattooing and airbrushing.

So, whether it’s a tattoo or an airbrush project, I look forward to new artistic journeys with you! Let’s take your ideas and create something wicked!


People often inquire about my tattoo specialty. However, I’ve never felt compelled to limit myself to a single style. As someone who appreciates all facets of tattoo art, my focus lies in ensuring my clients’ satisfaction. While I do lean towards realism and illustrative realism, I also find patterns and abstract styles fascinating.

Cover up Tattoos

I excel at covering up old or unwanted tattoos, a skill I’ve honed over decades. While I don’t perform cosmetic tattooing, I specialize in placing tattoos over settled scarring. During a cover-up consultation, I provide guidance on what’s achievable and outline the cover-up process.


I possess the ability to airbrush on a variety of paintable surfaces, including metals, plastics, and textiles. While I don’t have the capacity to handle entire vehicles, I am able to airbrush parts that have been removed. In addition to my independent projects, I collaborate with JBo Airbrush, providing assistance on his endeavors.

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