Baby Yoda Art I made using Procreate Time Lapse

I made a time lapse replay video of Baby Yoda!

As many of you are, I am hooked on the Star Wars live-action series, The Mandalorian. The Empire has fallen and The First Order has yet to emerge. It’s a series that takes you on the adventures of a lone Mandalorian gunfighter who has a softer side. As we have seen, Mando saves his bounty asset from remnant Imperials and places the Baby Yoda under his care.

Being a fan favourite of the original Yoda, I just couldn’t help for fall for the adorable Baby Yoda! So naturally, I am compelled to create some artwork depicting the loveable creature! What I composed is a digital art piece using the Procreate App for IPad Pro. Then, I created a two-minute time lapse video by using an app called LumaFusion. Both of these apps are fantastic!

I hope you enjoy watching the time lapse video showing the process of how I made this digital art piece!

Baby Yoda can be found on the live action series The Mandalorian on Disney Plus. As a die-hard Star Wars fan, I snatched up a subscription right upon launch just to watch The Mandalorian. It’s a bonus to have other series from Marvel, Pixar and National Geographic as well. If you don’t have the Disney Plus App, go get yours!

You can see more of my artwork on the 13ZED website by going to my artwork section. In the future, I will be adding more time lapse videos like the Baby Yoda one there soon! Also, I will be expanding upon both the artwork and tattoos sections with more content. Please stop by again sometime soon so that you can see 13ZED grow! As Mando would say… This is the way…