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Tattoo artist working out of Jakku Tattoo through 13zed Tattoos and Airbrush

Airbrush Artist collaborating with JBo Airbrush and independently as 13zed.

Choose between the tattoo or airbrush form below to contact Chris Moniz. I look forward to hearing from you!

Calgary Tattoo and Airbrush Services

Tattoos by Chris Moniz

  • Chris is an experienced tattoo artist who can turn your ideas into stunning designs on your skin. From intricate details to bold statements, he’ll bring your vision to life.
  • Turn your old and unwanted tattoo into a piece of art! Moreover, Chris has decades of experience with tattoo cover ups.
  • Choose between having a tattoo created based on references or having it drawn from scratch!

Airbrush Art by Chris Moniz

  • As an airbrush artist, Chris creates captivating artwork using airbrush techniques. Whether it’s custom designs or personalized pieces, his work is both unique and eye-catching.
  • Chris handles airbrush artwork on most paintable surfaces. Vehicles cannot be brought in. However, he does work parts that have been removed.
  • Items to be airbrushed are shipped over or dropped off in-person here in Calgary.

There are two separate contact forms: one for tattoos and the other for airbrush. Simply select the contact form that aligns with the service you’re interested in. I look forward to connecting with you!

Tattoo Contact Form

Would you like to schedule a consultation for a tattoo? Let’s set aside an hour to discuss your needs. There’s no fee, and you’re not obligated to make any tattoo session bookings.

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Airbrush Contact Form

Are you interested in getting something airbrushed? Let’s dive into the details of your project! Following our discussion, I’ll be happy to provide you with a personalized quote.

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More information

While I recommend using the contact form for optimal communication, I understand that there are situations where it may not be feasible. Here are alternative methods to reach out:

Jakku Tattoo

15425 Bannister Rd SE
Unit 10
Calgary Alberta T2X 3E9

Work Hours

My work hours are flexible but by appointment only
Walk-in visits to the tattoo shop are discouraged. My commitment lies with my clients, and I extend the same dedication to you.

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Free Consultations

  • Chris offers free consultations either in person or through online chat. Simply fill out one of the contact forms above, and let’s create something amazing together!
  • At Jakku Tattoo, located in the southern end of Calgary’s Midnapore area, we offer in-person consultations. Our studio provides ample parking, and the nearby Shawnessy C-train station ensures convenient access. Contact Chris Moniz today!
  • Learn more about my day rate discount here!
  • Read my blog post offering my tattoo consultation tips.
Chris Moniz of 13zed Tattoo and Airbrush having a tattoo consult with a client in Calgary Alberta at Jakku Tattoo