International Airbrush Artist Day

Airbrush lovers the world over should pay attention! The time to celebrate the art of airbrushing is here! International Airbrush Artist Day has it’s official date on October 6. Therefore, both fans and artists celebrate airbrushing together. Airbrush Artists around the world will honour this day every year by sharing their artwork. Both artists and the industry sponsor events, exhibits, promote and share the airbrush technique.

An airbrush works by applying liquid colour fed into a jet of air. As a result, the velocity of air atomizes the liquid into tiny droplets. And so, those droplets are carried on to a surface. Thereby, an image is created on that surface.

Why is International Airbrush Artist Day on October 6?

According to history, the name “airbrush” had it’s humble beginnings on October 6, 1883. Therefore, this day was chosen and announced in 2017. It is presented in thanks to the efforts of a core group of South American airbrush artists. Also, by the commitment of artists Gerald Mendez and Andrew Penaluna.

October 6, 2020

This piece is being added to the International Airbrush Artist Day facebook page. I was given a motorcycle gas tank. So, I chose to use it for this project. It’s my first submission to the IAAD facebook page. Although Covid stopped most events, our community continues to gather online. We have tenacity! So, here is my contribution is shown below.

This piece is inspired by a coming together of ideas. The facebook entry requires an image of an airbrush to be put into the artwork. With Halloween just around the corner, The subject I chose is Frankenstein. The collector of this particular piece likes to smoke cigars. Therefore, the idea of Frankenstein holding an airbrush while smoking a cigar was born. I really enjoyed doing this piece!

Although this is my first year participating in IAAD, I have been activily airbrushing since early 2018. Check out more of my airbrush artwork on the site.

I received a lot of positive feedback from this artwork on social media. I thank everyone who commented and celebrated with us. Also, I commend all the artists that also contributed their art. There are some fantastic airbrush paintings that were submitted! Gerald Mendez makes a great ambassador for the airbrush industry! Likewise, sponsors really stepped up with some excellent prizes! I’m already looking forward to the next one!