My YouTube Channel

A few videos featuring tattoos and airbrush both at Jakku Tattoo and my home studio for 13zed.

Behind the scenes: My YouTube channel

As I sit here, reflecting on my YouTube channel, I realize that I’ve taken a different path—one less traveled by the masses. While many YouTubers follow established formulas, I’ve allowed curiosity to guide me and just wing it. Let me share my story.

Learning the Ropes 

Creating videos wasn’t second nature to me. It was a skill I had to cultivate over time. I spent years gathering equipment, experimenting with editing software, and (still) learning the art of storytelling. I didn’t meticulously analyze trends or obsess over niche selection. Instead, I just got to it and started filming.

The Road Less Taken 

While fellow YouTubers dissect analytics and strategize cross-promotion, I’m still figuring out the basics. Finding my niche? It’s an ongoing exploration. Analyzing stats? A work in progress. Cross-promotion? Well, I’m learning to walk before I run. 

Embracing the Journey 

Rather than stressing about fitting into a mold, I’ve chosen to embrace the learning process. Every video I create is a step forward, a lesson learned. I celebrate the small victories—making my first video, cuts, adding music, getting over the difficulty of hearing my own voice.

I’ve created YouTube shorts focusing on tattoos, as well as videos centered around airbrushing and my motorcycle adventures. Through these experiences, I’ve gained valuable insights. Firstly, I’ve learned that videos should avoid excessive length. Secondly, I recognize the importance of infusing compelling narratives into future videos.

The Next Chapter 

As I continue this journey, I’ll keep learning, experimenting, and growing with my YouTube channel. Maybe someday, I’ll master the art of niche selection and decode the intricacies of YouTube algorithms. But for now, I’m content with going through the motions, one video at a time. 

So, here’s to the unconventional creators—the ones who forge their own paths, who prioritize passion over formulas. If you’re new to this world like me, remember that every stumble is a step forward. And who knows? Maybe our uncharted journeys will lead to something extraordinary. 

Stay curious, stay authentic, and keep creating!

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