Pick up your airbrush again… No inspiration necessary.

Pick up your Airbrush. It’s as easy as 5,4,3,2,1 and go! Now let’s take action…

It’s never too late to pick up your airbrush again

Actually, this post is also meant for anything that you started and put away for some time. In other words, just replace the word “airbrush” to the thing that you’ve been putting off. Are you waiting for inspiration? Then this article is for you! I’ve put my airbrush away for months at a time. One instance was well over a year! Don’t ever believe that once you put it away that there’s no picking it up again.


The hope that one day you’ll be inspired to pick up your airbrush and start creating again. What happens in a matter of 5 – 10 seconds is that your mind talks you out of starting! You remember the last time… “The airbrush got testy. The surface isn’t prepped. I’m missing tape or some other supply. I don’t know what to spray. I have so many other things that need to be done.” It seems that inspiration will be destroyed rather quickly and easily, if you let it!

The instances where inspiration can set things in motion are far and few between. It’s because your mind stops you! There is a way to get past this. You need to trick your mind.

Get Organized.

Creating a list of steps for your project is the best way to start and follow through the process. Your mind will try to talk you out of doing this!!! The solution is the countdown. The second you have the thought to make a list, start counting. 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and then go! Open your notes app. Give your project a title. Outline the concept. List what supply your missing. List your steps needed to complete the project. If you don’t finish your list then, countdown again the second you think of it and then go! Therefore, you continue the list.

Follow the List

Accomplish your steps in the order that you listed them. That is to say, use the list as your guide. The countdown process begins with every step that you listed. So, if you are stuck on a step, break it down to smaller steps needed to finish that task. 5,4,3,2,1 and then go break down the task into smaller steps! If you get stuck for any reason, again, just countdown the second you think of the project.

How does the countdown work?

It only takes 5 – 10 seconds for your brain to talk you out of taking action and our minds are very good at procrastinating. During those very seconds, counting down stops you from procrastination and replaces it with action. In contrast, you don’t count up because the numbers can keep going. You count down to where the count ends. There lies the sense that you should take action now. Get that project going! As a result, you can get that airbrush gun going! Somewhere during the process, that inspiration will surface. Don’t wait for inspiration, just put in the work.

By the way, the countdown even works for me when I walk by the dishes in the sink. 😉

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  1. Great article Chris! Very true my friend,, VERY true!!
    I have been through this on MONUMENTAL scales multiple times throughout my career,, it is REAL.

    • Thanks Mike! Very much the same goes for me. Especially on the lows, it’s easy to talk yourself out of things. Counting louder than those thoughts have been a definite help for me.

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