Tattoos in Calgary

Calgary, oh how I adore this city! While I wasn’t born here, I’ve wholeheartedly embraced it as my home. My roots run deep as I create tattoos in Calgary. Along the way, airbrushing became my newfound passion, subtly weaving its influence into my tattoo designs..

It has come to pass recently, that many fine airbrush artists are seeking new skills in tattooing. Some of the tattoos from this group of individuals has been pretty great! Looking at this trend, I feel like I’m swimming the other way.. Starting from tattoos and adding airbrushing to my tool box.

That was my contemplation for today! Now, off to what’s been happening!

Social Media is transforming itself in huge ways. The concept of posting a single photo on Instagram is dead. To keep relevant, everything is a video now. Algorithms keep track of how long you can keep a viewer’s attention before they scroll on. Displaying art online used to be easy. Now more time needs to be spent creating for social media. I’d rather be making art.

So, I made a video! It’s one of the tattoos in Calgary freshly made! Cap Cut is a very useful app to put something together at a faster pace. I think I did alright with the app..

Skeleton Tattoos in Calgary

Chris and Shannon came in with a design challenge. They asked me to design tattoos of skeletons golfing! Well, how fun! So, I came up with two custom designs. Did they like what I came up with? I think they were stoked because they got me to tattoo them! Here is the result..

I also do small tattoos too!

This little half butterfly and half flowers tattoo was fun! It’s based on a fairly popular tattoo design on Pinterest. I took the idea and made it in my own drawing style. Most of the time, I redraw ready made designs taken from the internet. That way, you still get something that’s one of a kind.

Half butterfly and half flowers tattoo

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