The Day Rate Tattoo Advantage

A few videos featuring tattoos and airbrush both at Jakku Tattoo and my home studio for 13zed.

The Day Rate Tattoo Advantage: Unlocking Savings and Convenience for Multi-Session Tattoos

Are you considering a large, intricate tattoo that spans multiple sessions? Look no further! My innovative Day Rate Tattoo option is designed to enhance your tattoo experience, offering both financial savings and flexibility. The day rate applies to any multi-session tattoo whether it be a cover up or a fresh new project. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the details of my Day Rate, explain how it works, and highlight the benefits it brings to my valued clients.

What is the Day Rate Tattoo Session? 

My Day Rate is a special pricing structure tailored for multi-session tattoos. Here’s how it works:

  1. Discounted Hourly Rate: I take my standard hourly rate of $200 and reduce it to an unbeatable $160 per hour for Day Rate Tattoo clients. That’s a $40 per hour savings or a whopping 20% off the regular price!
  2. Prepayment and Eligibility: To qualify for the Day Rate, clients prepay $800 for a 5-hour single session. This upfront payment secures your spot and unlocks the benefits of the Day Rate.

Why Choose the Day Rate? 

1. Cost Savings
  • Significant Discount: By opting for the Day Rate, you’re instantly saving $200 on a 5-hour single session compared to my regular hourly rate. Imagine what you could do with those extra dollars!
  • Predictable Expenses: No surprises! You know exactly how much you’ll pay for each session, making budgeting a breeze.
2. Convenience and Flexibility
  • Extended Sessions: With the Day Rate, you can book longer sessions without worrying about the clock. Dive deep into your tattoo session without time constraints.
  • Extended time: Your masterpiece deserves the time it takes to flourish. Any additional time spent beyond the initial 5-hour slot comes at no extra cost.
3. Client/Artist-Friendly Policies
  • Non-Refundable Payment: While the Day Rate is non-refundable after 48 hours, it ensures your commitment to the process.
  • Deposit and Rescheduling: When you book an appointment, the Day Rate serves as your deposit, ensuring your spot. If you need to reschedule, just give me a heads-up with at least 72 hours’ notice. However, if you’re unwell, let’s work together to find a reasonable solution. No one at the tattoo shop wants to be sick!
  • No-Show Policy: We understand that life happens. If you miss your appointment without notice, unfortunately, the full deposit is forfeited and a new one is required to continue tattoo sessions.
  • Fair Billing: You only pay for actual tattooing time. Reasonable breaks during the session (because even art needs a breather!) are not recorded.
  • Unused hours: What if the full 5 hours is not used up? Not a problem. The regular rate can be applied instead if the session is shorter and the remaining amount returned.


Unlock the benefits of my Day Rate Tattoo and embark on your multi-session tattoo journey with confidence. Whether it’s a cover up, sleeve, back piece, or intricate artwork, the Day Rate simplifies the process, saves you money, and lets your creativity flourish. Book your Day Rate session today and experience tattooing like never before!

When you reach out to Chris Moniz through his website to discuss a tattoo idea, you’re not just another name on a list. Chris brings a personal touch to every interaction, making you feel like a valued collaborator rather than just a client. With his attentive listening skills and genuine interest in your vision, Chris takes the time to understand your story, preferences, and aspirations. Guiding you through the creative process with patience and expertise, he ensures that your tattoo becomes a meaningful expression of your individuality. Expect an experience that’s not only professional but deeply personal when you connect with Chris Moniz for your next tattoo journey.
cover up tattoo in full color of a mermaid and seahorse