Working with Jordon

Working with Jordon Bourgeault of JBo Airbrush.

Let's talk JBo Airbrush...

Jordon Bourgeault has garnered acclaim as an award-winning artist. His work is intricate and highly detailed. His work has graced the pages of many notable magazines solidifying his reputation as a prominent figure in the airbrush industry. He has also drawn attention from various Canadian media outlets. His body painting and stop-motion videos have achieved viral success on social media. Jordon’s airbrush creations have gained particular attention for the hockey masks he crafted specifically for NHL goalies.

johnny cash goalie helmet created for jacob markstrom of the nhl team calgary flames
heritage classic goalie mask for calgary flames goal tender jacob markstrom
goalie mask by Jordon of JBo Airbrush

JBo Airbrush created the NHL goalie masks shown above. You can check out more of Jordon’s work on his website


Where do I come in?

In April 2023, I began working with Jordon Bourgeault of JBo Airbrush. You could say that I am his “helping hands” for his upcoming projects. Jordon is an impressive individual with a vast amount of experience in airbrushing. He has worked on a variety of projects, including goalie masks, sneakers, motorcycles, and bodies.

Working with Jordon is providing me with invaluable experience in a production environment. I am looking forward to the road ahead!

Check out the Airbrush section of this site if you’re interested in viewing some of my own airbrushing.